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See if this was the other way around? I'd have a hell of a lot more fun writing it. All those people that I could really do without in my life? The Mason's of the world, the people that write checks in the ten items or less aisle at the grocery store? All those parents that have the "My Kid Can Beat Up Your Honor Student" bumper stickers, and the ones with the Honor Student ones to match. I could do without the guy that sold me the Lucky Bamboo promising me that it wouldn't die unless someone actually tried to kill it, because that really worked out right?

However despite the Bamboo Incident of '06? Emma is my girl. I know that kind of sounds all gangser rapper-centric or something, but it's true. Let's discount all the times she's saved my ass, and focus on the other things. Like how she can make me crack up in a fit of laughter at the drop of a hat. That even if she borrows my iPod and forgets to charge it back, that I know there will be a few new songs on there once I get it up and running again.

Sure I could live without the little annoyances she brings my way, and I'll catch hell for most of the content in this, but? It's fine, cause I can handle her. I can handle the ups and downs of our friendship because I know that in the end? She's got my back as much as I have hers.

Plain and simple.
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