May. 1st, 2006

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Bad habits... Aside from the fact that I really don't like to admit I'm wrong? I can't think of any. Okay to a fault I can be a bit overconfident, but really that's not so much a habit as a flaw. Let's think about it though really, a habit that I have could be that I can't seem to break? Should I take a poll maybe? I mean Emma might know something really annoying that I do.

Maybe I grind my teeth at night? Though I never heard a complaint. I don't smoke, or drink in excess, so those normal vices tend to not fit the bill. The sex thing? Yeah that'd be really nice to have as a nasty habit, but when your bedroom is in a highly secured facility that really you can't just have people doing the walk of shame in the morning? Tends to cut down on the social activity so to speak.

So let's really go deeper. None of this surface stuff because that's what everyone has. Those ticks and nervous things that really everyone tells you are bad for you, but you do them anyway. Like Jesse and his coffee addiction, and Brennan and being annoying. Emma well Emma is sometimes just a bit too optimistic, but again? Flaw not habit.

Habit is something you do everytime, like a compulsion and the only compulsions I can think of? Is that whenever I see Mason Eckart? I want to stab him. Repeatedly.

Really? That's not a habit I want to break.


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