Jun. 12th, 2006

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So I took this quiz and really it was just an excuse to look at hot guys for a few minutes, but Brennan? Mind telling me why this guy looks exactly like you? And mind telling me why you don't wander around Sanctuary in your underwear? I mean I'm sure Emma wouldn't mind. I know I wouldn't.

The Quiz Results and Brennan's Semi-Nude Twin? )
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Country music.

I don't understand it nor will I ever not physically feel like I am about to retch at the twangy sound of someone singing about how they found out they aren't going to die so they're trying to make do with their new outlook on life. I'll admit I've had to listen to it a few times. Adam being the connoisseur of music that he is sometimes tinkers with the XM and sticks me with someone wailing on about hoping they dance, or live, or get buried in some cemetary. There's songs about getting cancer, and losing your car, and driving recklessly just because you have faith in a higher power. Songs about why they sing country music and how they convert fans over to their side. There are songs about losing a baby, or finding your mother, or there is even one that ends with truckers lined up outside a little boys house willing to give him a ride in their trucks.

It unnerves me.

Not only that? It makes me wonder who actually wants to listen to that kind of depressing music while they work out? Adam has to know that I put the radio on while I run, and yet he does it like clockwork every other Tuesday. This is why I have my iPod, now if Emma would stop borrowing it? I wouldn't have to let it charge on Tuesdays and stick me with country.

You know I'd almost think she does it on purpose.


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