Jun. 15th, 2006

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Shal was bored as usual, and due to Emma's early morning antics she had crashed out on the couch an hour ago watching SoapNet convinced she had seen Jesse's twin. It had been the topic as of late, the whole male quiz thing sparking it of course. Still Shal was restless and from the recent barrage of comments she had gotten from Brennan via her own journal she opted to just leave sleeping beauty on the couch to sleep it off and head out with Brennan.

She tiptoed past Emma and did a four minute change of clothes which meant actually getting dressed in something other than her yoga pants and tank top. She got dressed, tugged her boots on and clicked all the way down to the garage where low and behold Brennan was already waiting and leaning against her car. "You smudge my clean car? You'll be washing it for me." She pressed the locks on her keychain and moved to the drivers side. Opening the door she slid in and waited for Brennan to take passenger before she opened the big doors to the outdoors.

Revving her engine for a second she peeled out and took off down the road away from the mountain that hid Sanctuary from the world and into the night. After a twenty minute ride with Brennan messing with the XM Radio, they pulled up into the parking lot of the club and she tossed the keys to the valet as they headed into the club.

"Try to keep up, cause I'm not shy about leaving you here." She tossed Brennan a wink and headed into the club.


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