Aug. 14th, 2006

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Shalimar had been out for a random drive trying to clear her head. It had been a trying week, and there wasn't anything around for her to actually do. Genomex had actually been fairly quiet, and Proxy for once didn't have an opinion on anything. It was just high time to get herself out of Sanctuary and into the real world. The top was down on the car and she felt like she could finally breathe. She had just passed the grocery store on the corner when Adam contacted her through comms.

"Shalimar? Are you still out on your drive?"

Smirking to herself she replied, "Can't you pick me up on GPS? Maybe you can tell me where the nearest club is at? Better than OnStar."

"Actually, I just locked onto you, but I'm a bit concerned about something that Proxy Blue just broadcasted about. Truth be told, I know that she's a gossip pool, but something about it doesn't sound right."

"Think it's Genomex? They've been quiet... almost too quiet. Here patch the feed through to the display. I'll pull over here." Shalimar pulled the car over and flipped up the display screen on the dash console. There was Proxy in all her digital glory yapping on about some influx of power.

"You ask me, power outages in that neighborhood are happening too much for my taste. Girl's gotta enjoy air conditioning in heat like this. It could be me, but I think someone should check that power grid. Someone claimed that lightening did strike... let's hope not in the same place twice."

"God I hate her. If she was anymore cryptic? I'd have to hire a translater. So you want me to just take a drive out there? See what exactly is going on?" Shalimar asked as she closed the LCD panel down into the console.

"If it's not too much trouble Shalimar, I'd appreciate it."

"No trouble at all Adam, that's what night drives are for right? I'll contact you if I find something," she signed off her comm and pulled back onto the road turning around and heading toward where the rumored power surges were coming from.

When she pulled up, she saw something she wasn't quite expecting. Between the two buildings was what looked like live lightning, just crackling and sparking. If there was a New Mutant around causing it thought she couldn't see them. The bolts just trailed up the side of the buildings like they were holding them together by some ethereal strands of light. Bringing her comm-ring up she called Adam. "Hey Adam? I'm here, but it's not what we thought. In fact it's nothing like I've ever seen. It's lightning. But it's not going anywhere. Almost like it's a constant charge just regenerating. Maybe someone created it, but whoever it was they are gone now. I'm gonna move in closer, it seems to be getting brighter."

Shalimar moved up a bit trying to get as close as she could without harming herself too much. "It's definitely odd."


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