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It's more than a physical attraction, there's an undeniable amount of chemistry. Those small details that only you notice, the way they don't just look at you, they look into you. When they do look at you, that way? You feel it. Undeniable attraction, or heat whatever you want to call it there's no escaping that feeling. It'll start in your head fogging your vision, making things a bit more complicated than you thought it could be. Those small details, the ones only you notice start to be the only thing you can think about. The vision that you have, all foggy and unclear suddenly is only focused on those details. The color of their eyes, the curve of their mouth. The slight breath they take before their lips meet yours.

The details, small and insignificant on their own become everything to you, and that notion will travel from your head to your stomach. Deep and heavy that sensation will burn through you. It'll become like a hunger that you'll never quell. The need for survival, never based on this before will suddenly become only this- this feeling.

Realizing that it will never fufill you, that you'll always crave it- that desire and lust, you'll let it move lower. You'll figure that it won't last forever, but it'll last just long enough for right now. The release you'll want, crave, desire, demand will be just a simple way of trying to make the need stop. To let go of it, but instead it will eat you alive. Swallow you whole, and never look back.

That release you thought would free you, instead captures you and makes it so that you'll never be free again. You'll hunt for it, stalk your prey and realize that the small details that used to fill your thoughts are never small details at all, the smallest detail is the word itself.

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