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Dear World,

Hey. Guess what!! We are stuck on this damn island!! I swear if I knew fate had it out for me like this? I would not have suggested we crash that yacht party. We could have all been gambling in Vegas having an amazing time in something that the rest of the world calls AIR CONDITIONING. Instead we are traipsing around the jungle for hours on end tracking down a shuttle from outerspace. There are dead people just walking around having conversations with the guy that I met in Vegas and dragged along for the ride.

Did I mention how I could be in Vegas now? I could be doing all those sinful things in Sin City, but instead? Yep. Jungle.

Anyway, if I had a bottle I'd send this little baby off and no one would even have a clue where to look anyway. They'd get the bottle and pretty much scratch their head and wonder where exactly we are.

Tell you what, I'd love to know too. I'm sure there is some sort of interferance on this island too because my commring? The one that is supposed to work ALL over the FREAKING planet?? Doesn't work here. That's a tiny bit more frustrating than the lack of air conditioning.

Anyway world, just had to tell someone how crappy this is. Because I'm not about to start dragging down the morale of everyone around me just because I feel that this situation is insane.



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